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Understanding more on Construction

Construction is defined as process of constructing buildings such as malls and houses. Before building any infrastructure one of the most thing that one should establish is how the construction process relates to construction design. Therefore, construction process refers to a plan of knowing various activities and resources which are required so as to make design appear real. Construction design is a procedure of explaining and creating new building through the use of plans and specifications which are more detailed. Construction entails an architect or an engineer envisioning the implementation of construction design. There are various operation tasks which are conducted by both construction process and design and each of them contain different task which the engineer has to understand.

There are various characteristics which are found in the construction process and design that will enhance the infrastructure built will be firm in long run. Facility uses long time before they are completed because the process of design should be implemented before construction start and this is one of the characteristics of construction process and design. In order to enhance that the construction process is successful the above characteristic should be noted at early age when the project is being implemented.

Every construction and design should follow the specifications which are being provided to a specific site in order to prevent the facility being demolished due to poor construction. Natural factors such as weather and location conditions such as labor should be influenced by the specific site which provide specifications.

Anticipating every requirement which will be required in construction process and design is the last characteristics. Due to market demand there have been a change in the design plan which happens when one is unaware and therefore one should anticipate what will be required since also the service of the facility which is being constructed takes long time to be completed.
In order to understand the process of construction in a better way the process of integrated system is being applied.

The reason why integrated process is being used is because both the plan of construction and design happens in a simultaneous way hence eliminating and revision used in value engineering. A construction plan is used in estimating the cost required and in the development of designing facilities though design professionals sometimes refere this plan as a last option. Therefore, most of the time the design process is the one that replace the construction plan. Design process is being used since it searches many solutions which are being applied in specific functions and also satisfying the user through providing the requirements needed.

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