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All About Getting Prepping Gear.

Maybe you included prepper gear in your new year resolution but haven’t gotten around to completing that and it might be the best time to do so. Prepping will not just give you peace of mind but ensure you have the highest chance of surviving if a major disaster happens. If you listen to the opinions of different people, you might be told to get hundreds of items. You do not need hundreds of items to survive a disaster because you might not even have a way to move them all. Being sure of what you want prevents you from doing panic shopping where you will be adding anything you think might be relevant to your cart. You do not have to put this priority last just because you are waiting to have enough money to buy everything and buying at least one item every month or after every two weeks will get you where you wanted to be very fast.Some of the items should be your long-time goals and you need to keep reminding yourself about seeing to it that you get everything.

The human body is made up of a low of water and that means you have to keep it that way and having clean water for drinking during a disaster is crucial. When you are making your plans, you should set aside two gallons of water for each person per day. People will be using the water for other purposes too which is why you need to have extra. You ought to make sure that the gallons you are utilizing are strong enough for people to reuse them in getting water. If the disaster lasts longer than usual, you may run out of bottled water and being able to purify the dirty water you have means you will not be frustrated about a water shortage situation. If you are keen about water conservation you might have come across water purification straws and other things which are used in the process and the better part is the little space they occupy. A fire is crucial for survival and you might use it to cook, communicate with people who are far away or chase the cold. Ensure you have two ways of starting a fire. You may buy Bic lighters, Ferro rods or matches.

You will need your energy and this means having enough food. Avoid foods which need to be refrigerated to stay fresh. Canned foods, whole grains, boxed meals, and energy bars are great things to part. You also need a can opener for easier opening of the foods. You do not need fancy cookware but rather something that can be used in preparing food in open fire.

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